wisdom teeth (mixed media pulled)





  1. Thanks kim, it was from a dream 20 or so years ago while i was living on a bike in the wind on the prairie and working as a roofer. i felt the black hills were due north although i was in colorado , and that i knew this person as a native woman named luna whom i had met through her husband a mixed breed that was a rebel rouser (his words) . they ran a 2nd hand store in north platte, ne. i watched her give birth , and i probably shouldve (ran or simply knelt and prayed and not watched) though through innocence of the moment i was mesmerized as her cub gained nearly double her size and they both were looking at me like i was dinner. there was a frozen black eagle on the frozen snowy mixed tundra and a truckstop many miles on the other side of them. i think on this dream time to time wondering and sharing with whomever’s spirit. i don’t know if she was a “Nagual Woman” and that was her double or if she allocated a portal for her husband like a spirit midwife. there is also salgye du dalma (holy ghost). i was not aware that i was an artist at that time . it’s magic

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